SMALL Laundry Soaps! 32 load

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Laundry Soap: What is Laundry soap? It's the natural version of "Laundry Detergent." Our Laundry Soap has been clinically tested-and it kicked the leading brands' trash. Yup, outperformed them by miles. We never use dyes or fragrances-only essential oils. Shabby Chick's laundry soap fights hard water and leaves your clothes looking brighter and smelling fresher without being 'perfume-y'. It comes in three different versions. Mam'aw Margee is a pleasant, relaxing lavender/lemongrass blend. Aunt Carol is a fresh, floral blend of YlangYlang, Eucalyptus, and Orange essential oils. Our Unscented Laundry Soap has no added oils and contains odor killing baking soda. Just one tablespoon per load is all it takes, and it also works great as a pretreater for really nasty stains. Two sizes to choose from, 70 load or 32 load.

*Easy use tip: "On the 70 load bags, I just use the 'plop-plop' method, squeezing the Laundry Soap into the tub until two plops come out... That's about a tablespoon. On the 32 load bags, I squeeze out a length about as long as my pinkie finger." -Shabby