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Ohhh eemmm geeee!!! Natural Hand Sanitizers? Yes, gotcha covered! Two deliciously wonderful scents to try... Choose between our fabulous Tea Tree and Litsea essential oil or our luxurious Lavender and Blood Orange Hand Sanitizers (or get 'em both). These come in a convenient spray and leave your hands soft and supple without being greasy. That's right, I said it.. A Hand Sanitizer that won't leave your hands chapped, raw, or covered in chemicals! A must have for teachers, healthcare professionals, and owners of pets or small children.



With all of the crazy going on right now, can we have a chat about hand sanitizer? Which is the best hand sanitizer? Should I use a hand sanitizer spray? How will I know if a hand sanitizer is effective? What about all of the hand sanitizer recipes I'm seeing on the news and social media? 

Listen up! This is SUPER important! As in, your health depends on it! Okay, the CDC and the FDA recently stated that ethanol/alcohol based hand sanitizers are the most effective-but be careful! Just because it has alcohol does not mean it will work!

A hand sanitizer must be at least 60% by volume to have any efficacy. That means the recipes you see floating around are NOT STRONG Enough. I've seen recipes that call for mixing alcohol and aloe. I've seen recipes calling for homemade vodka as an ingredient. These recipes will not make an effective hand sanitizer because they are not strong enough (and ladies, you're gonna NEED that vodka to drink-stop wasting it!) 60% alcohol by volume means that at least 60% must be alcohol. Vodka is 40% alcohol by volume-so even if you poured it straight on your hands, it's not going to work. 

Our hand sanitizer is 92% alcohol by volume. We mix it with aloe, glycerin, and essential oils so that it does not dry out your skin. We also make our hand sanitizer spray-so you can spray it on door knobs, surfaces, and anything that might be infected. 

We love our customers and want them to stay safe and healthy through this! That is why we created a quality product, and despite a 500% increase in the cost of our ingredients, we haven't raised our prices at all! We are also limiting the quantities per order to help prevent hoarding. And we are giving away bottles to those in need. We are doing everything we can to help our customers and community through this time. 

These are scary, difficult times, but we believe we are better together! Love your family a little harder today. Check on your neighbors. Make sure you are proud of your response. Everyone needs a hero!