Concentrate – All Purpose Cleaner

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Concentrate – All Purpose Cleaner


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Our All Purpose cleaner in refil form! This 16 oz bottle of concentrate will make 4 (four!) 16 oz bottles! You can also use a little in your mop water, or on really tough stains! Just mix 4 ounces of concentrate to 12 ounces of water!

Want a natural cleaner that WORKS? You’ve come to the right place! Our all purpose cleaner works totes amazing for everything (but glass and stainless steel).

I wish I had a scratch and sniff button so you could smell how wonderful the blend of litsea, lemongrass, and tea tree essential oils brightens up the room! No more gagging and choking on chemicals! (FYI-new research is out stating that the chemicals in other cleaners does as much damage to your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! Cra cra!)

The quality of our ingredients sets us apart here at Shabby Chick. We handcraft the base soap, add lab quality water, washing powder, citric acid, and essential oils and viola! One of the world’s safest and most powerful cleaners!

This product is sooo good at getting pet accidents (or kid accidents) out of carpet! It can be used for small stains on carpet, but for larger stains and for your steam cleaner -use our professional carpet cleaner. Our cleaner safe and effective for pet stains, pet odors, and pets!