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What Makes a Winning Combination?





Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss? Do you want to make money and spend time with your family? Join our team of amazing women to make your dreams come true!

I spent four years growing my company from my kitchen to a huge manufacturing facility. I traveled all over the country, growing my company with nothing more than my intelligence, intuition, and ambition. I built Shabby Chick with my blood, sweat and most of my kitchen appliances. Along my journey, I discovered that I am passionate about my amazing products AND mentoring and empowering women. I want to make women's lives better!  

As my company grew, I began to hate my position. I wanted to be hands on, working with the people most passionate about our products. I was so busy chasing retail that I all but ignored my customers. I had built a company, but it wasn't the company I wanted. After my biggest year in sales, I shut it down. I stopped everything. I wanted something else. 

I want to grow a community of women who support and mentor one another, offering friendship and love. I want to create a tribe of strong, like minded women, who are all working hard to make their dreams come true. I want to provide an opportunity for women to make money selling amazing, safe, effective, and 100% natural products. 

Selling Shabby Chick products will provide you an opportunity to grow with an amazing group of women to build the life you dream. Our principle is simple: buy our products at a discount and sell! That's it! Simple. Profitable. Life Changing.

As usual, when I'm not exactly sure how to do something, I find the person that did it best and ask her! Helping me, guiding me, and mentoring me through the process of launching a direct sales campaign, is the Amazing Tiffany James of Ohana Enterprises. Tiffany build her company to over $100 M, she has been featured on Oprah (twice!), Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, and many, many more. Tiffany is an amazing and inspiring woman. She gets me excited about my own company! You simply much meet her! She meets with us regularly (everyone) via zoom from her palace in Hawaii. 

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Are you ready to build the life of your dreams? 

 Coaches that join our team between now and September 1, 2019, will become a Founding Member of Shabby Chick. You will earn more bonuses, higher margins, and you will be one of the first to grab this Amazing opportunity. Can you imagine being in on the ground floor of a multi-million dollar company? This opportunity is so amazing, I want everyone to get in on it! 

Empowered women empower women! And here at Shabby Chick we are equal opportunity Empowerers!

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