Our Story

     Shabby Chick is a farmstead wife, mother, entrepreneur, Juris Doctorate, and natural lifestyle products enthusiast. In 2014, she and her hubby, Shabby Hunk, bought a farmhouse in which to raise their three kiddos and the place hadn't been seriously cleaned in years. The house had two tiny, tiled shower stalls, appliances in need of deep cleaning, and that cleaning everything had to be done on a very tight budget. SC tried several commercial cleaners to try and get the showers clean, but with the same results. Spray them down, go outside to clear her lungs, wait for the fumes to die down long enough to get back into the stall to clean only to find the product dried to the walls.
     SC started thinking... "We raise goats for fresh milk, chickens for eggs and meat, organic garden, and yet we spray poison in our showers and on our countertops!" So SC started researching. She tried vinegar. She tried citric acid washes. She tried baking soda. All worked, and some even worked pretty well. But none had the oomph to really deep clean without a LOT of work. And SC likes to work smarter, not harder. As she researched, she learned which natural substances did what, and how they reacted. Through cycles of hours of research, product testing, starting from scratch again, more testing and research, and more testing, SC hit a home run with Sassy Lemongrassy All Purpose Cleaner. The mildew and mold ran down the shower walls! The stains came off the countertop! Stains came out of the carpet! The beauty of it was that it was a pleasant scent, worked like gangbusters, and relieved the guilt of the potentially toxic chemicals being around the kids.

     SC and hubby were participating in local farmer's markets and craft shows selling produce and furniture and it seemed a natural fit to offer the cleaner to the public. It started with selling a couple of bottles on the first weekend. The next weekend there were repeat customers and a few more new ones. It wasn't long before Sassy Lemongrassy sales were competing with the peaches and blackberries.
     SC and her husband continued selling Sassy at the market. They would tell their customers, "This stuff is awesome! It cleans everything but glass!". That was fine for a while, but SC (being who SC is) got tired of telling people her product had a shortcoming. So another round of research, development, testing, failures, do-overs, etc., began. The result was SC's Dangerously Effective Glass Cleaner. It cleaned glass, stainless steel, appliances, and more! A pair of all natural products to clean your entire house had been born.
     SC tackled laundry soap next. Three kids and a hard working hubby on a farm create mountains of laundry, and most of it isn't pleasant. She tried the internet recipes. She grated soap. She washed. She was not impressed. Besides, most recipes called for store bought soaps that contained some dyes and perfumes she wasn't fond of. SC, a little bit of a perfectionist, wasn't satisfied. So she started making her own soaps to use in the laundry soap. It took 8 months of trial and error to get the concentration, consistency, and EFFECTIVENESS that she was looking for. Her persistence paid off in an All Natural Laundry Soap that was HE washer safe, uses only a tablespoon per load, is septic safe, and completely safe to be around children and pets.
     SC was talking to a customer at a trade show, and the young mother asked SC about an all natural insect repellent. The woman hated soaking her kids in deet, and that lit a spark in SC. The next day, the cycle began again, and a few weeks later Critter Gitter All Natural insect repellent made it's debut. It is pleasant smelling, non greasy, lightly moisturizing, and like all Shabby Chick products, EFFECTIVE.
     Shabby Chick has grown from selling at a local Farmer's Market, to festivals and fairs, to the bigger trade days and trade shows all over OK and TX, to retail stores in OK, TX, and AR. Demand keeps growing, and people are excited about SC products. Shabby Chick is committed to growing the economy by keeping our products American Made by hard working team members. As our company grows, we envision employing people who share our vision, natural-as-possible living philosophy, and commitment to excellence.