White Girl Crack Pumpkin Spice Laundry Soap 32 loads

White Girl Crack Pumpkin Spice Laundry Soap 32 loads

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100% Natural and clinically tested as more effective than leading brands! 

Our laundry soap contains our handcrafted soap, washing powder, sea salt, borax, citric acid, and a scrumptious blend of essential oils! 

Stain remover, fabric softener and soap all in one! 

💔 You wouldn't kill someone for money, but we know BIG Companies will. Check your labels!

😲 Did you that Cleaning Products aren't regulated by any government agency?

⚠️ There’s no federal regulation of chemicals in household products. Rebecca Sutton, PhD, a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), explains, “In terms of household cleaners, neither ingredients nor products must meet any sort of safety standard, nor is any testing data or notification required before bringing a product to market.”

☣️The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals, say environmental experts. We’re exposed to them routinely — from the phthalates in synthetic fragrances (👿)to the noxious fumes in oven cleaners. Ingredients in common household products have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity.

☣️Most household cleaning products – including the plant based and plant derived ones - are made with synthetic detergents. You’ll find these synthetic detergents in laundry products, all-purpose surface cleaners, dishwashing products, hand washes and more. The plant derived ones show up on labels as


and while they include some natural ingredients, they are made using petroleum and petrochemicals in a complex industrial process.

👿Each one is made using one or more of the following petrochemicals derived from
⚠️ Methenol
⚠️ Ethylene
⚠️ Toluene
⚠️ Propylene
⚠️ Propanol

💪We’re on a mission to set a new standard in natural cleaning.

💗 We believe ingredients matter. What they are. Where they come from. How they’re made. That’s why we use natural soap in our products instead of detergents. That’s why we’re transparent about what’s in every bottle and bag.

According to the research done by the University of Washington, which was published online journal, Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, air vented from laundry machines using the best-selling scented liquid laundry detergent and scented dryer sheet contains toxic chemicals. The air contained more than 25 volatile organic compounds including seven toxic air pollutants and two carcinogens (acetaldehyde and benzene). Top selling brands such as Tide or Gain contain many toxic chemicals that are harmful to your body. Manufacturers are not required to disclose the fragrance ingredients used in laundry products since they are considered a ‘trade secret’. Therefore, on top of harmful ingredients you read in the ingredients list, there are other toxic chemicals that are included but we don’t even know they are included.