Glass and Stainless Steel Concentrate-Makes 2 Gallons

Glass and Stainless Steel Concentrate-Makes 2 Gallons

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Our Super Awesome Glass Cleaner in Concentrate Form. Mix 1:1 ratio with DISTILLED water. Listen, if you use spring water, or well water, or any other type of water, it will contain minerals and chemicals in it which will come out as streaks! I would never produce a product that streaks. Nope. So, please use distilled water. 

Amazing for making appliances look new! 100% Natural, it combines the power of vinegar (made in house) ethanol and peppermint essential oil to literally eat the gunk on your stove top. 

I get it. I'm the messiest cook in the world. And I hate Cleaning. And, it turns out, I'm a hippy. No one saw that coming! So, I need a powerful cleaner. Something that will do most of the work for me. 

This will cut through grease and that black build up under your burners! For really messy stove tops (I know it's none of us, but for those "other" people who don't scrub their stove tops daily) just let it set for awhile. In Okie terms, that is a non-specific yet appropriate amount of time. Use a little baking soda for scrubbing power if necessary (again, not you, your *friend*). 

Safe enough to drink but don't. Please don't. But it is so safe for pets and kids that IF an accident we're to happen, it's okay. It's just vinegar, ethenol, peppermint essential oil and water!