Concentrated Cleaners - All Purpose & Glass/Appliances

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Save some dough and the environment by using These fantastic formulas in concentrated form! Just add a little H2O! 

All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate--Makes 4 bottles of full strength All Purpose cleaner! Combine 4 oz. of concentrate with 12 oz. of water and give it a shake. Ok put the lid back on and then give it a shake. Easy Peasy. This super powered formula can be used undiluted to clean greasy tools (and we don't mean your ex). Made with natural ingredients to be POWERFUL from start to finish.

Stainless/Glass and Appliance Concentrate--Makes 2 bottles of Stainless Steel and Glass Cleaner. Cleaning stainless everything, black appliances, mirrors, windows and glass top stoves has never been easier! Combine 8 oz. of Concentrate with 8 oz. of Distilled Water. Boom- Ya ready to clean!

Mixing with Distilled water is important to control streaks. Cuts the grease, grime, lipstick, and gets to the squeaky clean. More clean - less guilt! Always handcrafted with natural ingredients.