All Purpose Concentrate- Makes 3 Gallons

All Purpose Concentrate- Makes 3 Gallons

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If used at a ratio of 1:2 1 part cleaner to 2 parts distilled water (absolutely must be distilled water), this will make 3 gallons. Some jobs are tougher, and sometimes you just want to throw a few ounces in your mop bucket. This is 128 ounces of concentrated cleaner. 

128 ounces of our powerhouse cleaner! Did you know that the chemicals in cleaners can leach into your skin and origins? Even if you only come into contact with it for a second? Gross! 

Think about what's in cleaners. Do you know? I never really thought about it until I noticed probblems after using them. Bleach made it hard to breach and my skin stunk, even if I wore glove. That was true of most cleaners. 

So I switched to more natural products. Then I discovered that 1. (Confession time: I'm a recovering attorney, so occasionally, you will hear me behave as such. I apologize in advance, and Remind you, I'm in recovery), *cough, okay, 1. Most green cleaners still contain dyes and frangrances. Which I found out, and joking quote, "That's where they hide the cancer." The most toxic, harmful chemicals to humans are dyes and frangrances. Even if you don't fall passionately in love with our products, stay away from anything with dyes or fragrances. 

2. Most green cleaners don't work well. 

Shabby Chick always promises to use only essential oils, and never dyes or frangrances. Our passion is producing products that work better than the toxic stuff but are safe for everyone. Getting passionate about cleaning products isn't second nature to me. I never thought about what was in my Cleaning products until I almost died. After that, I thought about everything that I used. I set out to put out the safest, most effective cleaners on the market. Because I understand how hard momming is. And the less cleaning you have to do, the better! 

Our all purpose cleaner is made of our handcrafted soap, citric acid, water, washing powder, litsea essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and lemongrass essential oil.