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Today, I'm going to list the awards Shabby Chick has won in the last 3.5 years.
I'm not listing these awards to brag; I'm listing them as inspiration. 5 years ago, I was a broken, recovering attorney who didn't know squat about running a business. Once I made up my mind (with a substantial amount of nudging from Shabby Hunk), I hit the ground running. I don't have a chemistry background. I don't have an MBA. I really don't even like cleaning. Seriously. I hate it. I (and those who know me well) find it hilariously ironic that I invented cleaning products. Let my life be an example of what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. Be the hero in your story. 

I just won the SBA (Small Business Association) Entrepreneurial Success Award, and I can't even spell the name of it! I was nominated by REI Women's Business Center-an amazing group of women helping entrepreneurs with almost all aspects of their business. This award is a milestone for Shabby Chick. I've won quite a few awards in my life, but this award I'm especially proud of. It denotes years of hard work, tenacity, and forward thinking. This award is one of the most prestigious awards an entrepreneur can win. I am eternally grateful to REI for their nomination, and I am thrilled that I won. And shocked. 

In 2017, Shabby Chick received an invitation from the Home Shopping Network to pitch our product in Chicago, Illinois. We loaded up the Shabby Wagon and headed north. Once we arrived, the auditions were running far behind, and I was exhausted from the 13 hour drive, so I put my head on the table and slept while waiting my turn. (I guess I wasn't nervous.) I walked in to a panel of 7 judges, and about 60 seconds into my pitch, the questions started flying! Wow they grilled me! I was fast on my feet and knew my business, so it actually felt invigorating! Like a challenge! 10 Minutes later, HSN took all of my products and told me I had won the American Dreams Project. 

18 pallets of product and 7 months later, I was on national television! It was an amazing experience. I will give you more details in another blog. Today's blog is just for me to brag on all of my awards. (I also went back on air a second time in May of 2018). 

In 2017, Shabby Chick also won the SCORE Small Business Championship. SCORE is an amazing mentoring program that I highly advise all entrepreneurs to utilize. SCORE provided an amazing opportunity for us. Once we won the competition, we were flown to Dallas where we met the other winners. We had two days of amazing lectures with some amazingly successful business owners. We were wined and dined in swanky restaurants and hotels. It was utterly amazing. 

Yup, there's more awards. Kinda cool, huh? This is a picture that was taken after our pitch contest with REI Women's Business Center. In 2017, we entered the REI Women in Business InnovateHER Challenge...and you'll never guess....we won. I was really racking up the awards that year! Go me! (Where's the sarcastic font?)

And last, but absolutely not least, is my "Runner UP" award from the Indie Business Network. I think it technically says honorable mention. Either way, I won. I love the Indie Business Network. I joined when I was just starting my business, and for almost 4 years, have found it to be a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement. The Indie Business Network is a wonderful group of makers and business people who help and teach each other. And yes, I have taught one the mastermind classes too.

Be the Hero in your own Story. That is my motto. I have it written on my bathroom mirror. I have it spray painted on my wall. I put it everywhere. Why? Because I want to be able to look back at my life and be proud of my choices and behavior. Every situation needs a hero. I am learning how to be that hero. I am learning to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves. I learned to speak my mind. I am learning to see every person as an amazing unique and wonderful being. I truly believe we all get to choose our destiny. I believe we can all be amazing in our own way. 


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